Sample Review

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Category 4 (highest) 321 (lowest)
Color Scheme Color scheme benefits the site and works to build a cohesive site. Color scheme does not detract from the site and is cohesive throughout. Color scheme detracts from the site. Color scheme is cohesive throughout the site. Color scheme detracts from the site. Color scheme is not cohesive throughout the site.
Layout & Organization Users can easily navigate and find what they are looking for on the site. Each element is organized and positioned appropriately. Users can navigate throughout the site with ease, but may have difficulty finding what they are looking for. Users can navigate through the site, but after putting thought into doing so. The chances of finding what you’re looking for is slim. A sense of organization is lost. It is difficult to navigate throughout the website.
Content & Quality There is more content and it is good quality. There is a very little content, but it is good in quality. There is more content, but it is not good in quality. There is very little content and it is not good quality.
User Interactive The site features a variety of interactive content to encompass a full user experience. The site features interactive content to contribute to the sense of a user friendly environment. The site has very little user intractability. There are elements, but they do not allow the user to interact with the site. There is no attempt at interactive content or in creating a user friendly environment.
Total Score: 16/16
** Interactive Content: Animations (hover effects, etc), images, links, etc.