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only took 2 years {2023-03-16}

It only took me two years to update... sigh.

I got some inspiration from a the everygirl, but thankfully I didn't wait to execute... it would have been a longer delay. These preppy stylesheets are just so easy to throw a new header into and udpate... maybe I will have a collage version one day.

In additon to FINALLY updating this website, I am working on updating my personal portfolio which is a lot of modern front-end development tools.

There will be some content scattered throughout. I am hoping despite the content or lack thereof, I am able to make some memorable relationships with those in the current site community/networking community... I worry I don't have enough in common with everyone, but I shouldn't.

welcome back! {2021-02-01}

Time to party, at least for me. My goal is to put 1 update a month, soo don't expect too much. I have been busy working full time as a web developer since graduating in 2018. The site last was updated in 2017, crazy. It's been 4 years! I think that's right... I have a math minor, but mental math is NOT my strong suite.

In addition to working on this site, I am working on building my "side business" with hopes that one day I can quit my main job and make money my way.

P.s. I love the office, can you tell?